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finley harper | las vegas birth photographer


this baby is a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and soon to be friend to many. she is PERFECT and i get the pleasure of calling her my niece. this whole day was crazy from the time i woke up. my weekend had not gone as planned and spent a little time in the er. with that being said the next few days were crazy trying to figure out why i was having symptoms of my retina detaching. not wanting to be blind my priority was getting into the retina specialist ASAP. of course it would be at the same time as the birth. i knew the day and time of the birth being a c-section. the odds were in my favor. i had been waiting to do this birth since i knew my sister was pregnant. just. my. luck. my sister TOTALLY understood which i was so grateful for but that did not change the fact that i was somewhere i did not want to be. i was able to be there before the surgery and way too long after she came but i was there. the gender was a surprise (something i could never do) and i was CERTAIN it was a boy…i was VERY wrong good thing  though, i could not imagine any other little baby to have in the family. welcome to this world Fin so excited to watch you grow and hopefully photograph it along the way. i love you.














Rachel - You captured this sweet litte one PERFECTLY!! She is GORGEOUS!! and I LOVE her name!! You are so talented Sar!!

Sarah - Thanks Rach :) That means SO much

six years | las vegas photographer

as a child six years seemed like an eternity away…however from the side of a mom it seems to pass too quickly. i feel like it was a few months ago i walked the hospital for hours before they would give me the go ahead to be induced. my BABY is six today. six…seriously??!! he gave me a new meaning to my life, he gave me the opportunity to be a mom, he gave me a new understanding of unconditional love. (he also gave me grey hair, many more than my husband would like to admit) i love being a mom but i love being his mom. happy birthday buddy thanks for being such an amazing blessing.


back and better than ever… | las vegas birth photographer

ok I am back but probably not better than ever!!! the last 4 and a HALF weeks were very long very boring and very grateful. i have an amazing family who so so wonderful to watch and take care of my children and myself. i had surgery on my ankle and i was not allowed to bear ANY weight at all. i will admit the first few days were nice relaxing and then i was OVER it. it was hard to rely on someone to do pretty much everything for my children. it was a humbling experience for me and i appreciate the use of my legs even more now. i am still in a walking boot but i will take it, if i never have to use crutches again i will be happy (even thought i know that won’t be the case). while i was down and out of the count this little baby of mine decided to crawl. i’m still very confused on how he has grown up so fast but also glad that he was the slowest of my kids to be mobile (i’m sure it has to do with the fact that he outweighed both of them). i still can not believe this is happening . i’m trying to enjoy my BABY as long as possible because as soon as i turn around he will no longer be my baby….

reversed | las vegas photographer

   i love my three boys and couldn’t imagine my life without them. i had a chance to see what my life would be like like reversed. it’s a lot of pink a lot of sass and a lot of fun. these amazing beauties were SO much fun. they all have  completely different personalities just like my boys. not sure if i’m ready for that girl but it was sure fun borrowing someone else’s.


Brooke - Love, Love, LOVE!!! It was so fun! Thanks for taking them!!

Celeste - Oh my freaking gosh! I couldn’t love those gorgeous girls any more if I tried.
Everything turned out great, Sarah you take amazing pictures!
Brooke you make beautiful babies!

baby “l’s” story | las vegas birth photographer

we all start with a story. everyone’s is different and everyone’s is special. baby “l” is no different. his story is as special and unique as he is. he came to a wonderful family who was beyond excited to have him and THREE siblings who couldn’t wait for his arrival. mom was strong dad was excited and grandma was so supportive. it was such an awesome experience to be a part of his story and be able to capture his beginning. he is perfect .


Rebecca - Sooo beautiful!!!! These are amazing! You captured such touching moments and I also like how you got that picture of the hospital at night. Not only is it a beautiful picture, but it sets the scene for what time of day it happened and all…… Great job!

Alison carter - These are awesome Sarah! Too bad I’m having a c section, it probably wouldn’t get captured quite the same. Good job!

brooke - Sarah, these are gorgeous. What beautiful moments you captured.. these are such priceless gems.

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