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Baby Indy | Las Vegas Birth Photographer

i was beyond excited to shoot this birth and it seemed like forever for me so i can only imagine how mom felt. she called said she was going to the hospital and would call me when she knew how dilated she was. my phone rang and all i heard was eight i dropped everything and drove, very, very fast. thank you to whomever spared me a ticket. as i arrived i planned on walking in as she was pushing, she was not that far but they were already unpacking all the sterile equipment.  much to everyone in the room’s shock this sweet little baby did not arrive for another three and a half hours. poor mom. she was amazing calm collected and held it together better than i could even dream of. she is such an amazing mom and as i learned in the delivery room she learned from the best. congrats on this sweet little baby girl she fits perfect in your family.




















Rebecca - Ok, first- who looks that good after having a baby??! Second- You really captured some great memories, these will be so fun for this family!

Lacey - It makes me teary to relive these moments, such a roller coaster, such a blessing. Thank you so much for being there. I love them!!

call me maybe | las vegas photographer

hey i just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe….this song plays over and over and over in my head when i think of one of these sweet little girls. i let you play the guessing game to figure out which one 😉  sweet Fin is 6 moths already and i’m seriously considering checking my clocks to see if time is passing too quickly. i feel like it was a few weeks ago i was at the hospital for her birth. she looks just like her big sis did just at this age…well…maybe a few more rolls. i’m excited to see if her personality follows suit of big sis i don’t know if one household can mange that much spunk and trust me there is spunk there. i’m still glad big sis let me get a few shots without her call me maybe clothes, yes you read it call me maybe clothes. i’m crossing my fingers she will play that song at her wedding 😉


















Rebecca - Sarah, these are gorgeous!! You really are so talented!

giveaway | las vegas photographer

it’s my first giveaway and it’s pretty simple. “like” my facebook page and add an image of your child that you want to win a session for. have family and friends go “like” the image and the picture with the most “like’s” wins. your family and friends must like my facebook page before voting and if you share the giveaway on your faccebook page you get and extra vote. just leave in the comment of the image you are voting for good luck!!! voting ends monday may 14, 2012.

almost family | las vegas photographer


o.k. they are not almost family but i would like to consider them that. dennis refers to my mother-in-law as mom (when he wants a fruit pizza) does that count? i almost titeled this post “i owe you my life” not that they saved me from a dramatic death or anything…but dennis set my husband and i up on a blind date almost TEN years ago. he also brought us back to vegas after college by using his “connections” to get us a job…the list goes on and on but needless to say he is a pretty good friend. now that being said they say behind every good man is an even better woman and that can’t speak more true for alison. she is  a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

alison contacted me and asked if i would pretty please shoot her birth with sweet little sam after jumping up and down and having a small party in excitement i realized i would be on crutches. i have the worst luck in the world. after racking my brain how i could do it without being able to walk i accepted the fact it was not possible. i had to turn her down . what was her response “oh it’s no big deal you have to take care of yourself first” SEE amazing. truth be told i would have much rather been off crutches. i didn’t want to leave her empty handed so a few days after i got off crutches i headed over to meet sweet little sam and take a few quick pictures of sam. he is perfect in every way.









fit’s like a glove | las vegas birth photographer



 it’s crazy when you add a family member they just fit. you don’t remember life before them and can’t imagine life with out them. this sweet little guy did just that for our family one year ago. i’m still not sure how this happened or why it seems the more kids you have the faster time goes. i just know i want it to stop. i know the days are crazy and make me want to pull my hair out but as i sit and watch, i mean really watch my kids i just want to hit pause. i know that all too soon they will be grown. thanks for coming to our family gage i can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

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