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baby aj | las vegas birth photographer


one of my favorite parts of my job is having the opportunity to bond with new people. i love doing what i do and because its a pretty intimate experience i leave feeling pretty close with most of my clients. i love this couple. they are kind, funny, and they still look at each other with “newlywed eyes” as i like to call it. you can tell how much in love they are and sweet baby boy just added to it.

due to an emergency (and i mean emergency) c-section i was not able to photograph this birth. so we opted for a day one hospital session. mom was glowing and you would have never know she just had surgery. she was just so happy to be a mom that her pain seemed to disappear.

thank you both for this opportunity to be a part of something so special, and can’t wait for baby #2 ;)!!!!























baby julian | las vegas birth photographer


after months on bed rest and having my sweet baby i am back to work!!!! so glad that i was back and ready in time to be there for baby julian’s birth. mom and dad were beyond sweet and over the moon about bringing this sweet boy into their family. seriously, you should see his nursery AHH MAZ ING… is pretty dang talented. mom’s pictures from her baby shower did not disappoint either.

dad works for pepsi so i gave him a bit of a hard time during labor because i am  a coke girl 😉 and mom just handled everything like she has done this many times before. she impressed me from the time i met her. pregnancy looked beautiful on her and no complaints at all of being pregnant. her body was made to do this. as she delivered baby there was a little concern because of some minor complications. she stayed calm and collected and this is where i became even more impressed with her. i knew the emotions and thoughts she was having in her head because i also had a similar experience with my first birth and i know the torture she was feeling. she never let her emotions get the better of her ( i can’t say the same for myself), and stayed strong for her child. it was a pretty silent delivery room for awhile an uneasy silent that i know mom and dad feared. once baby cried this wonderful amazing sound all seemed well. mom got a quick peak of this sweet boy and off he went for a quick trip to the NICU.

it was way past my bedtime and i wanted to let mom rest so i left and came back the next day so she could have some images with her baby boy. she was in much better spirits and so was i when i found out he was only there for 45 minutes. so excited for their journey as parents. they have some pretty wonderful qualities and  i know they will be great.























Lacey - Beautiful Sarah, absolutely beautiful.

Rebecca - So great! What beautiful images and memories for this family!

Tania - Sarah,

The pictures are breathtaking! Javier and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with the images and for being so supportive through out the whole process.

baby louie | las vegas birth photographer

little louie’s birth was a special one for so many reasons. his mom contacted me the day before to see if there was anyway i could photograph her birth because her plans had fallen through. i happily agreed. when i got there she was strong and happy she could not wait to meet her sweet little boy. the family was amazing and supportive and i felt right at home with all of them. we talked and laughed and mom handled her contractions like a pro. when he decided to make his entrance the room filled with excitement. he arrived and he was calm as soon as he was with mom. he was alert he knew right where he was. he was where he was supposed to be. if you talked to him he looked at you and made a connection. he was the most ALERT newborn i’ve ever seen. it was AMAZING for so many reasons. i was in awe the whole time as he looked at all those who were there for him. he wanted them to know he knew who they were and that he loved them. mom was beyond happy and did not hesitate showing it. she could not stop smiling, he made her a mom.

as i got home from this birth i kept telling my husband how amazing this baby was. i told him everything about him i could. i told him i needed to get his pictures done  as soon as i could. i worked and worked and worked. my husband had the next day off for memorial day so i took advantage and worked some more. i’ve never worked on any pictures so fast and i’m still amazed that i was able to get so many done so quickly. wednesday morning i was up working on them again i had only about 10 more to go ( i can’t express how much this is out of character) and my phone rang. it was louie’s grandma i asked her if everything was ok and as she said the word no my heart sank….she said he had passed away on tuesday and they had no answers on why. how could this happen??? he was fine , the birth was fine, and he was sent home fine. as i thought about it and finished the pictures i looked at this sweet baby and realized he knew. he knew his time was short and he needed to let those who loved him know that he loved them back. he was a special boy who gave his mom and dad what they need to get through this. a knowledge that he loves them. they have been strong and courageous throughout this process. i have been amazed by their strength as i know so many others have. they have faith. i had no intention of posting this birth considering the circumstances. i had texted mom to let her know and was shocked by her response. she was strong. she said that she wanted louie’s story shared in hope that it might help someone else. she showed me what it was to be selfless. they have faith, they have love, and they have a greater knowledge that they will see sweet baby louie again.













































Heidi Lee - Hi Sarah. Megan told me about this sad turn of events for this young family. Such a difficult thing to go through. You have given them a great gift with these beautiful pictures. It will such a comfort to those parents. And good for you for following the promptings to edit faster than normal.

Kathie Dye - We will be forever indebted to you Sarah for these priceless pictures. You were meant to be apart of our sweet angel Louie’s birth. He has touched so many lives already. Thank you, Thank you..

Sarah - Good Afternoon! My husband and I just recently found out after 18mo of trying we are expecting our first baby! YAY! I am already on the search for a great birth photographer. I was wondering how much you charged, and what the price includes please. Also, since birth is such a sudden thing in most cases how you plan to be sure you are available during that time? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much for your time!

maria prieto - I was looking for pricing and info on birth photography my daughter is due in nov

Rachell Gibbs - I’m due Jan 2015 and I’m curious in prices and info for birth photography. :)

Sarah - Hi Rachell I sent you an email.

lia | las vegas photographer


i got a new niece!!!!! {squeal} she’s pretty perfect and when i have a house full of boys it makes me almost want to try for a girl….i said almost. i love her more than she knows and her parents ADORE her. i could never tell her how much she is loved because words could not describe it. i wanted to do something special for my brother and sister in law so i tried something new. i hope they love it!!!! Lia you are loved by SO many and i am grateful you are in our family,  love you

Lacey - Perfection. Pure Perfection. So happy for them!

Emily - Thank you forever! We love, love, love this!

Krista - These are stunning! You did such a lovely job – I can’t believe how much she smiles! Thank you for sharing! Love you EmPo!

steele | las vegas birth photographer

seven…when i think of this baby or even family i think seven. did you ever see the seinfeld episode where george wants to name his son seven? that’s all that ever pops in my mind. well this was number 7 for this family. they are both amazing parents and handle their seven better than i handle my three. they should really give parenting lessons. i’d sign up!!!!

i almost missed this baby. mom texted me and was at a four i got a text and hour later and she was at a 9!!! i dropped everything and left, did i mention the hospital was across town and it was 5:00 pm. thank you rush hour. i knew i was going to miss it. the whole drive that’s what I told myself. as i rushed through the hospital i knew i was walking in to see the baby. i opened the door to find the doctor was stuck in traffic, i beat him by 5 minutes. never have i been so grateful for traffic!!!!  by the time the doctor was there he was out in five minutes. mom was amazing to get him out so fast, he was a BIG boy 9 lbs. 1 oz. he was so calm and peaceful didn’t cry much as was very content to be in mom’s arms. love this job of mine i feel so lucky to be a part of such amazing things.

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