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w family | las vegas family photographer


i love photographing births. i’ve discovered that one of the biggest reasons i love to photograph births is because i love capturing moments. so i tried something i’ve never done and captured moments in this families home. it was so nice and the kids were in their environment so they were so carefree. thank you “w” family for inviting me into your home and allowing me to spend some time with your sweet boys.

kelso | las vegas birth photographer


 this sweet little boy took what seemed like forever to come. his parents anxiously awaited his arrival and when he finally decided he was ready he came quick. i  was beyond happy that i was in the delivery room to watch kelso come into this world. he brought a joy and happiness with him that is indescribable. he had a love that his parents had only hoped and prayed for and i felt beyond privileged to witness it.




































zella | las vegas birth photographer

all of my clients are special to me because what i do is the most personal thing you can share with someone. you are in on an experience that changes the rest of their life. these clients however will forever be apart of who i am as a person. have you ever heard the song from Wicked, For Good? in the song it says “because i knew you i have been changed for good”. that is how i feel about not just these parents, but their son and extended family. they have been a humbling example of what wonderful parents are. i am beyond grateful that i was given the opportunity in my life to have met them and try to have the courage, strength, and most of all faith that they exemplify to others on a daily basis.  i was able to meet them a year ago when i photographed their son  Louie’s birth. i still have no words to express the feelings i have had on his birth. it’s something i often think about and cause me to have many emotions. but above all i am thankful. i know that i should not be “thankful” for a parents worst nightmare, but i am. i am thankful that i was able to be there. i am thankful that i was able to help someone. i am thankful for a talent that i have been blessed with and grown so much in that i was able to capture what i needed to for them.  i know that i was put there that day for a reason and how grateful i am for that. 

when i found out Zella was on her way i was elated. i cried for the joy that these parents must be feeling but also for the heartache that i’m sure they were still experiencing on a daily basis. there was also the concern that this sweet baby could have the same genetic disorder as Louie did. LCHAD is nothing i had ever heard of before and to be honest still don’t know more than what i’ve read online. what i do know is that after many delays they found out that this sweet baby girl does have it. this will forever be a part of who she is but more importantly a bond that only she and her brother share. i know some would use this as a crutch throughout their life but i know that these parents will do all they can to give her every opportunity to do amazing things, and i can’t wait to see what they are.

i once agin had the pleasure of spending time with this fun family while we waited for Zella’s arrival. they made me laugh and feel right at home just like last time. it was amazing to me how much Zella looked like Louie. everything but her lips, she has the most perfect feminine lips. Zella, you have an amazing family supporting you in every way possible. i feel blessed to have met them, as well as watch your arrival into this world.

Rebecca - Sarah, these are just perfect!!!! What an amazing talent you have and you captured these sweet moments so perfectly!! What a treasure for the family.

nash | las vegas birth photographer

after each time my husband and i found out we were expecting he asked me the same question…can we be surprised? my response was no. i could not imagine the torture i would feel every time i would go to the doctor knowing that i could know and not find out. i hate surprises and this is the ultimate surprise. i promised him every time that if we had one of each i would do it, four boys later we never waited. i am amazed at the self control people have who do wait. this sweet family decided to wait and be surprised. i will admit it does make for a bit more exciting delivery. they had two girls and a little boy waiting at home . if memory serves me correctly i think majority said girl. out came sweet baby BOY nash. best surprise ever!!!!! congrats on baby boy he  is perfect.





















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